• How to add Feeday widget?

    Install Feeday app in your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iWatch.
    1. Now on your iOS device's home screen, swipe left to see the Widgtes Center.
    2. Tap "Edit" button in footer of the screen.
    3. You'll see "Add widgtes" is your installed widget list.
    4. Find "Feeday" widget and tap the green '+' button.
    5. You can also rearrange these widget. Simply tap and hold the three horizontal lines on the right side of any widget and drag it up or down to the position you desire.
    6. When you're done tweaking, tap "Done" at the top right.
    7. Enjoy Feeday 👌

  • How to add Feeday for iMessage?

    Install Feeday app in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
    1. Go to iMessage app.
    2. Tap App Store icon.
    3. Tap to "Manage" on top right.
    4. Find Feeday extension and switch ON
    5. Now you can see the Feeday icon in your iMessage apps
    6. Tap the Feeday icon to start using it 👌

  • iOS compatibility

    • Feeday widget requires iOS 8 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iWatch.
    • Feeday for iMessage works with iOS 10 or later.

    How do I add People or Tags?

    Go in the Home screen and you can tap 2 banners:
    1. “Add People"
    2. “Add Tags"

  • Why Feeday 2.0 have changed its logic?

    Unfortunately for some time now we can not do this. We’ve changed our strategy and app logic introducing Feeday 2.0 released about three months ago, after Instagram has made our app life impossible, as third-party app developer. They have limited use of their APIs by eliminating the ability to show the current feed in time order to the users.
    You can read a specific Tech Crunch article. Our new logic give you the possibility to organize your daily feed according to the people who most care about the heart (following or not) in time order. Instagram for some time changed its algorithm by showing photos to your personal preferences and no longer in an time order, then you can add people in Feeday by searching, copy URL Profile from Instagram (here a demo), or browsing the Trending list on top. You can do same thing for the Tags feed.

    How do I add People or Tags?

    Go in the Home screen and you can tap 2 banners:
    1. “Add People"
    2. “Add Tags"

Why should I buy Premium?

You can have in addition a series of exclusive services:

• Unlock all Blocks
• Unlimited Favorites
• Unlimited Tags
• Browse unlimited Feed
• Remove username
• Unlock full Watch app

We built Feeday to give you a better Instagram experience in a swipe! This makes sense if your eyes see many tiles and decide which of these interact.
In more when buying for $3.99 in-App Purchase you help us improve the app and to provide better service update after update.